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Please note this page allows you to conduct four different types of searches for companies house reports.

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Once you have searched for the report you would like and found it, you will only be able to purchase the report if you have provided billing information. If you have not provided billing details you will be prompted to do so when you try to view the report.

Company Searches
ICC Company Search Logo Individual Company Search
To search for available reports, enter the name of the company.
ICC Director Search Logo Director Search
Enter the name of the person to find out their directorships

Multiple Limited Company Search Logo Multiple Limited Company Search
Search for more than one company at a time by your defined search parameters, (please note, if your parameters are not tightly defined then this search can take a long time to run.
ICC Unincorporated Company Search Logo Unincorporated Business Search
Search by name or unincorporated Business Number.

Individual Company Search
ICC Company Search Logo Full statutory and financial information on over 1.5 million live UK companies. Sample reports.
Individual Company Search
Search on:

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Director Search
ICC Director Search Logo

Full details of directorships. Simply enter in the name of a person and find out the number of directorships they have. Basic searching is free, and for a charge you can have a full report which details the companies they are a director of.

Please Note: Searching for directors also includes secretaries. If someone is both a director and a secretary of a company he or she will show up as having 2 Directorships. Sample reports.

Director Search
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Multiple Limited Company Search
Multiple Limited Company Search

Please note: Searches using these criteria examine up to 1.5 million companies. If a search returns more than 1,000 companies it can take longer than three minutes to complete and since the maximum number of companies that will ever be returned is 1,000, you may want to refine your search. Sample reports.

Multiple Limited Company Search
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View entire SIC listing

Unincorporated Business Search
ICC Unincorporated Company Search Logo

Use this powerful search to find the unincorporated business you are looking for. Please note that the search covers 2.5 million businesses and may take a little while to find results. You can speed the process by either entering the exact name of the business or its unincorporated number. Sample reports.

Unincorporated Business Search
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This Company information service gives you full access to all the statutory information about British firms held at Companies House, through our direct interface with ICC - owners of the largest online business information image archive in Europe

  • free to search
  • no setup charges
  • no monthly charges
  • 20,000 new documents added daily
  • 4 million businesses
  • reports charged on a transaction basis (pay as-you-go)
There are no hidden charges. You are always reminded of the cost of each report and asked to confirm your purchase.

Our site managers, Sift Ltd, are licensed by ICC Information Company Limited ("ICC") to provide access to ICC's database of information on UK and Irish companies. ICC's database is based on documents filed at the appropriate national company registries by or in relation to the relevant companies.

The information contained on the ICC database is dependent for its accuracy on the accuracy of the original documents from which that information is derived. No checks are carried out on the accuracy of the information.

Neither Sift Ltd nor ICC are responsible for the content or accuracy of any of the information obtained from the ICC database (whether via this website or otherwise). Access to the ICC database is made available via this website on the basis that the information in the database is provided "as is" and that no condition, warranty or other term is entered into to the effect that the information is or will be accurate or suitable for use for any particular purpose. If wishing to use the information in any circumstances in which its accuracy is important to you, you are advised to check the accuracy of the information concerned (for example, by contacting the relevant national company registries direct).

If you have any queries with regard to the information on the ICC database, Sift will do its best to assist with these. To contact Sift with any such queries, please send an email to

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