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With taxes seemingly ever on the increase, proper knowledge of the tax system and planning your tax is now more important than ever before. Our tax guides are designed to give you valuable insights into the areas where tax planning can be carried out.

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Pre budget report logo The Pre-Budget Report highlighted the key changes that the Chancellor envisaged would be included in his 2006 Budget speech. Tax Rates Allowances Logo All the 2005/06 rates and allowances, including income tax and corporation tax rates - you will find 15 up-to-date rate centres.
Finacial Planning Logo Our 2005/06 planning guide covering personal and business planning. We guarantee you will find areas that you will wish to action! Vat Logo VAT planning should never be overlooked, including how to plan for the VAT officer's visit.
Tax Calendar Logo The festive season is approaching, along with some important tax deadlines. 29/30 December marks the last chance to file your 2005 Tax Return electronically if you are an employee and wish to have a 2004/05 balancing payment of less than 2,000 collected through your 2006/07 PAYE code. Paye NI Logo Important news on PAYE and NICs, including how to ensure you are not paying too much national insurance.
IR35 Centre Logo If you think you may be caught by IR35 - contact us Year end tax planning logo Our 2005/06 Year End Strategies guide highlights a range of tax planning opportunities.

          View our comprehensive summary of the 2005 Pre-Budget Report           Essential tax strategies for the 'Year End'           'A-Day' for pensions - are you ready?           The new Construction Industry Scheme           Useful links for business           Visit our business guides           Key tax deadlines

Our back office library also includes
Faq's Logo Do please contact us regarding any questions you may have relating to any aspect of tax planning. In the meantime here are a number of the questions that we are asked from time to time. Tax tips logo Check out some of these tax tips, before calling us for advice.
Budget Report Logo Comprehensive Report on the 16 March 2005 announcements 2004 Budget Report
2003 Budget Report
2002 Budget Report

Did you know?

Did you know that this year, the government is budgeting to receive over £30 billion from corporation tax, £122 billion from income tax and £75 billion from national insurance contributions? Our role as accountants extends to ensuring that our clients pay the minimum. As part of our advisory service we provide access to a wide range of information. We work with our clients to ensure that the minimum contribution is made to the government's budget.

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